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Discussion in 'Breeding fish' started by JackSplat, 20 Oct 2013.

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    3 May 2013
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    So I was looking at my tank just now using a small torch and I noticed some small eyes glaring back at me from a hole in a rock. Turns out there are several little fry swimming about, just eyes with a little tail. I have several fish, but the only ones I can think responsible are my pair of mated Clarkii Clowns.

    I dont really know what to do with them as it would be close to impossible to get them out of the DT. Should I leave them and see what happens or are there something I can do to improve their odds of survival?
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    6 Jan 2013
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    if you leave them in the DT they are going to get eaten, if they are from the clowns sit with a torch above the tank for a while and they should swim towards the light and you can scoop them out, the problem is you need some form of zooplankton (most people who breed clowns keep rotifer culters for feeding the fry) to feed them as juvi artemia will be to big and they will only eat live food. So chances are with you not being prepared for their arrival they wont make it, but theres definately no harm in trying

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