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    holacanthus-clarionensis.png There's no other fish that's quite as orange as the Clarion Angel, except maybe the nefarious Garibaldi Damselfish.

    Almost no introduction is needed when it comes to the iconic sparkly orange fish everyone has come to know and love – The Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis). Clarions are rare and expensive, but every once in awhile, a large batch is collected to the worldwide demand for this iconic marine fish. The bulk of the Asian countries are getting their fare share of Clarion Angels now. It’s that time again where brand new videos and pictures of *these crazy orange swimmers flood the internet. The video above of a juvenile specimen by B-Box Aquarium is just one of many. Continue reading for more pictures.*
    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Need we say more? Clarion Angels are the epitome of orange and they’re stunningly stunning. Flawless beauties as juveniles, they possess electric blue stripes and highlights that beautifully contrast with the orange coloration. B-Box Aquarium is just one of many countries and LFS that have acquired the Clarions recently.

    H.-clarionensis.jpg Adults are even more orange but also possess a rather awkward greenish face.

    As they grow and transition into adults, the vertical blue bands are loss and the fish gradually intensifies in color. Adult clarions are intense in color but often come with a greenish tinge on the face. In very large specimens, the body is often dusted in the same greenish coloration as well. Juvenile or adult, there’s very little competition when it comes to the strikingness that this fish exudes with such ease. Clarion Angels make excellent pets and are very hardy if you’re willing to spend the dough.

    clarion-angelfish.jpg Another juvenile Clarion Angelfish, this time by Digiman of Singapore.

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