7 May 2007
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Guys there's a train of thought that suggests that clams require nutrient rich water to thrive. Now nutrient rich water equates to no no for us. How do you guys keep your clams well fed?
I dont worry too much, as i have a high fish load that are fed 4 times a day, i am not too convinced about the nutrient either way. there are far more guys starting to experement with high fish loads even in SPS tanks.
ok, i think i agree.. i can't see why with proper filtration you can't keep a high fishload with sps.
i also heard that they dident like water with too much current and if its overskimmed and then the opposite again.... cant win.... will just have to try a few methods myself... in my eyes its easy to dirty the water with nutriens and supplements but not as easy to clean it...

id rather overskim and pump up the flow and turn it off on alternate days and assess the results...
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