Cichlid setup for sale incl. livestock

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  1. Papitto


    18 Feb 2014
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    Florida Glen JHB Westrand
    Tank 915Lx375Wx600H with built in sump in the back of the tank. 6mm fully braced glass tank, wrapped top and bottom in plastic sheeting.
    Filtration: ceramic bio cubes been maturing for approx 2 years.
    DIY background rock work and some artificial plants.
    Includes great boulders, basalt, sandtone.
    Includes playpen sand and all water pumps X 2, air pump X 2. T8 light with ballast.
    2 X Cobalt blue - 10-12cm R100 each
    2 X Flame back has - 8-10 R80 each
    1 X Bumble bee 10-12cm R100
    1 X Venustus giraffe 10-12cm R120
    1 X Convict 10cm R200- awesome south American I call Paolo
    1 X turquoise jewel cichlid 10-12cm R200
    1 X Yellow lab 10cm R100
    1 X Yellow zebra R50
    1 X yellow mbuna R50
    1 X aulounarca fire peacock R150
    1 X electric blue peacock Ahli R150
    1 X maturing Tropheus Duboisii. I love this tang! Blue head and thick yellow band beginning to show nicely. Sad to let him go. R250
    1 X pleco 8-10cm cleans my tank well R100
    Incl. Stand.
    Make reasonable offers pls




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