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    The canary damselfish, Chrysiptera galba is a beautiful yellow deep water damselfish from the Western pacific Ocean. In many ways the canary damselfish shares the same (relatively) mild disposition as the better known and closely related Starki damslefish, Chrysiptera starki. Canary damsels do show up in shops from time to time but it’s not until you get Chrysiptera glaba in a moderately lit and calm environment that it’s true beauty really shows.

    We had the good fortune to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach a few weeks ago and their deep water reef aquarium housed at least four canary damselfish that were in perfect shape. In this set of photos of canary damselfish you can see how brilliant these little yellow Chrysiptera have become, and it doesn’t hurt to have a backdrop of Rhizotrochus clusters and walls of Tubastrea.*

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