RSS Chris Campbell’s fish tank is a welcome throwback to the days of pure fish keeping.

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    Once upon a time, fish keeping was the main event of the marine aquarium hobby and invertebrates and corals were barely even a fringe; had blogging been developed earlier this site would have been called ‘Fish Keepers’ or something like that. Obviously nowadays the marine hobby is mainly focused on reef keeping and reef fish. Pure fish tanks having gone by the wayside in the hobby, with most marine fish aquariums being owned and operated by clients of service companies and more casual aquarists.

    You can imagine our delight when we visited Chris Campbell’s amazing 500 gallon fish only aquarium. We were primarily swinging by Chris’s to see his treasured conspicillatus angelfish, bandit angelfish, true personifer angelfish, wrought iron butterflyfish and more, yet we were treated to this great community fish tank with lots of great looking specimens of fish, many of them extremely rare but more importantly the whole display just looks freaking sweet. Great job to Chris for putting together a great looking fish aquarium with so many healthy rare marine fish.
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