Choosing the Correct Heater for your Aquarium

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    So I've searched this site for advice on heater requirement but came up empty. I thought I'd start this thread to hopefully help out fellow hobbyist choose correctly one of the most important pieces of equipment in your aquarium. "The Heater" I myself don't know much but hopefully this is a step in the right direction where guys can get advice on this topic.
    Guy's those of you are more experienced, please feel to share your thoughts on this topic of choosing the correct heater to suite your size aqurium.
    What I've heard is using two heaters is better than using one. The reason for this is if the one heater fails, there is always the second heater to sustain the heat in the aquarium unitl you pick the problem up which should be in a day or two by montoring the drop in temperature all of a sudden. Rule of thumb is that for every litre of water in your aquarium, you will need 1 watt. For example if you have a 600Lt aquarium you will need a 600w heater but preferrably go with two 300w heaters instead for the reason as mentioned above if one fails. If I'm wrong please correct me here.
    Right guys fire away.....
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    Sounds right to me... it usually seems to happen this way on big tanks. I've never heard of anyone with a 50-litre tank using two 25-watt heaters, but on anything above 300 litres it's almost always two heaters. Perhaps that's because 300W heaters are the biggest you find easily rather than because everyone's being so careful and conscientious o_O but yeah, I agree with you 100%.
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    On smaller tanks, its better to have heaters that is too small. Each heater not capable to cook the tank. But together they can maintain a stable temperature. Reason is that a lot of heater brands, when the thermostat switch get stuck, they get stuck in the ON position.

    Using a STC1000 helps, as the switching is then done in the STC1000 instead of the heater itself.

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