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    Hi Guys

    Need help with my chiller setup. It works well but I think there may be a problem because either the flow is too low or the chiller is getting too hot outside. I have it covered in a plastic dog kennel with loads of holes to vent the hot air.

    I have set the temp to 26, so when the temp in chiller gets to 27 it switches on and when the temp drops to below 26 it switches off. My problem is that it is constantly switching on and off within minutes.

    The chiller switches off when the temp gets to below 26 (tank temp is always in the range 26 to 27). Then within a minutes the chiller temp rises (sometimes to 28) and it switches on. Within minutes the temp is reduced to below 26 and the cycle continues tike this. During this time the tank temp is very stable and below 27. I would expect that the chiller should not switch on.

    Chiller feed is split from return pump in sump and from chiller goes directly to display tank.

    I hope I made myself clear above.

    Thanks in advance.

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