Chiller mods?

29 Oct 2011
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I changed my chillers internal temp probe to a external probe.
Now it reads the Dt temp directly and I have a much more constant temp .
What I would like you're opinions on is I want to connect the chillers feeding pump to the control unit of the chiller.
My reason is that since the chiller don't need a permanent flow to get a accurate temp reading it is a waste of electricity to have the pump running permanently?
I run my return through my chiller. No need for two pumps or an external probe for that matter.
I had to change the temp probe to an external because the chiller would start up and shut down repeatedly.
I also had my return line going through the chiller , it restricted the flow to much and my sump started to run dry.
Why would the chiller kept on switching on and of...when on it would very rapidly come down 1 degree ,switched of....picking up temp again very rapid and then start all over again
With return i meant i used my return pump. In other words my return pump pumped water from the sump through the chiller to the display.
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Do you have any idea why my chiller is doing that
I have done a lot of reading and it seams like a commen fault on the Hailea but nowhere I can get a reason for it:m16:
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