RSS Chill Solutions Chiller can help mini reefs & nanos stave off the summer heat

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    The Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Chiller is a*thoughtfully*designed cooling solutions for small aquariums and nano reefs. Using a ceramic thermoelectric cooling element, a single Chill Solutions Chiller can cool up to a 30 gallon aquarium as much as 3F below ambient temperature of the room. This means that the cooler the room, the cooler the aquarium will be.

    As winter finally loosens its grip on the Northern hemisphere, we are reminded that warm summer temperatures will soon lead to warm tank temperatures. When it comes to managing aquarium heat there’s no substitute for preventing heat by selecting cool-running, efficient low power equipment but actual cooling equipment ensures a more stable temperature all around.

    This is especially true of smaller reef tanks whose small volumes are much more prone to temperature swings. Unlike bare IceProbes or Whisper power filters outfitted with them, the Chill Solutions Chiller is a real inline cooling device for small aquariums. The $175 asking price includes the power supply, cooling element and a built in, easy to use thermostat, all of which makes for a very complete insurance package against rising tank temperatures. [Chill Solutions]
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