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    We first saw the CherryAqua-Ocean LED lights at Aquarama last year and the company has a few new features in the latest iteration. Manufactured in South Korea by CherryLumi, the CherryAqua version 2.5 now features the ability to control the white and blue LEDs for a custom color combination ranging from 7,000K to 25,000K. The slim light used only heatsinks and comes with a touch control panel mounted right on the light.

    Measuring in at 4.8 cm thick, the light appears pretty lightweight in fact. in the installation video below, the woman in the video can easily move around and mount the light. The fixture can be easily attached to the tank with clamp on braces that allow the light to be swung out of the way for feeding or maintenance inside the aquarium.

    In addition to the white and blue LEDs, the CherryAqua-Ocean is using a full spectrum output including coverage in the*420nm and*640nm wavelengths of light. The light also features the full dawn to dusk setting with moonlights. The touchpad controller allows you to create your light cycle with up to three timers for more control of the cycle. The light even comes with a pre-programmed, 28-day lunar light cycle simulation.*We aren’t sure the exact number of LEDs per light fixture but according to the product literature, the CherryAqua-Ocean version 2.5 added more LEDs to give more coverage and control.

    The fixture uses a heatsink and passive cooling instead of an active cooling system with a fan, cutting down on the overall noise level. The internal*aluminum reflector is designed to focus the light down into a 100 degree spread. The fixture comes in five lengths ranging from 22 in. to 74 in. running at 72 and 235 Watts respectively. We aren’t sure the exact price or*availability*outside of Asia but it would be interesting to see how this light stacks up with other fixtures in the North American market.


    Click here to view the embedded video.

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    Looks nice and sleek...

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