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    The CherryAqua iNano LED is a new light from Cherry Lumi, an established manufacturer of aquarium LED lighting which so far has only enjoyed Asian distribution. The iNano LED is two clusters of Cree LEDs with a total power of 18 watts which are dimmable and*controllable through top-loaded touch sensitive buttons.

    The CherryAqua iNano LED uses blue and white Cree LEDs in unspecified ratios, but the shots of the underside of the iNano appear to show a cluster of two white and three blue LEDs backed up with lenses for some degree of spotlighting effect. These may be Cree LEDs but we dont’ suppose CherryLumi is using top bins of XTE and we’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are using royal blue LEDs, although this current ratio should work fine and look good.

    The touchpad located on the top of the iNano LED gives controls for dimming the channels of blue and white, perhaps with some preset color temperatures, with a color rating from 5,000 to 25,000 Kelvin, read all white to all blue. The CherryLumi can also be programmed for timer and sunrise to sunset functions for automatic dimming. The Clip-On LED light is becoming an increasingly popular form factor for small to medium sized aquariums and the 18 watts of brand-name LEDs should be enough to light up a 16 inch (40cm) cube of living reef aquarium.

    CherryAqua is actively seeking international distributors for the new CherryLumi iNano LED light. Depending on your country the iNano should retail somewhere between $120 and $150, an attractive price which should make this light pretty attractive to owners of small to medium sized cube*aquariums. By this point we’ve seen every boxey and striplight shaped-nano led light for aquariums so the double-ufo shape of the iNano is a sight for sore eyes that should help to differentiate it in the aquarium*market. *For inquiries contact CherryLumi via email ( and for more information check out the official CherryLumi iNano LED website.


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