ChemiClean & Bio Pellets

12 Aug 2008
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Norwood, JHB
Hey guys,

My brother has given me some chemi clean to try get rid of my remaining cyano.

Just want to know, will there be any issues with having biopellets running whilst using chemiclean?
Chemi clean would kill off all bacteria, good and bad.

I will not use it with biopellet or DSB systems.
Agreed. It would knock bacteria properly. A little patience and good husbandry is the best option.

Increase flow and if you want to use a product try zeo snow. As a side effect it eradicates cyanosis but it's primary function is to allow food to absorb vitimins and be more nutritional.

Increase flow and skimming anyway
I agree with RiaanP and Leslie hempel...

If you really want to use the chemi clean, then do a water change and keep old tank water but keep the old tank water and put the bio pellets in there to run while you use chemi clean in the main tank..Once you have followed the complete process of chemiclean and done the required water changes thereafter, put the bio pellets back on the main tank and dose a bacteria like seachem stability etc...

That's what I would do
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how effective is your skimmer? the excess carbon source from bio pellets can fuel cyano if not skimmed out properly
Thanks guys.
@4age - my skimmer is definitely over rated for my tank and seems to be doing a pretty good job.

I have upped my husbandry because I didn't feel that chemi clean was the way to go
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