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    Are you tired of your current aquarium setup? Have $1.5 million lying around? Want to throw a party inside your aquarium? Then you have to check out this unique custom aquarium that is not only BIG but has a room inside it big enough to hold a party. The aquarium built by Red Fin Aquarium Design, one of Hong Kong and Macau’s leading aquarium design and installation, is a round aquarium features a 10 meter-wide room with 75 square meters of floorspace to party in.

    Designed after a reef in the Coral Triangle, this dream aquarium features over 42,000 gallons of water and more than 1,000 fish from 100-plus species. If you are trying to budget things out to see if you can afford this, the most expensive part of the system is the acrylic aquarium, followed by the installation and maintenance costs and finally filtration and life support system that is supported, monitored and controlled by a computer.

    [via PFK and South China Morning Post]

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