Cheato not doing so well anymore

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    Howzit guys/ladies!
    It's being a long time!

    I have a little problem with my cheato.

    A while ago I've started of new frag tanks in a little green house.
    The system consists of two sump areas, with deep sand beds.
    In both sumps I've added a small "ball" of cheato (size of my fist).

    It grew rapidly, almost filling both my sumps.
    But for some reason it started to shrink again. It's now only a quarter of the size it used to be (if it's even that big!)

    I'm using sun light - no other lights on the system!

    The possible reasons that I think why it is shrinking:
    1. It was added while the tanks were cycling, thus allot of nutrients were available for it to consume. Now that the tank is cycled, the amount of food is way less!
    2. Someone mentioned that it might need some additional supplements (like iron) to grow - which we can dose using commercial products.
    3. The sun is shining directly on it (during certain times of the day), which might be a little bit to hot for the algae, causing it to die...

    Another thing:
    I've added some LR to the system a while ago as well. In a previous system I had abundance of little critters like stars,pod,worms thriving in my cheato, but for some reason I don't see ANY critters in the cheato....Can this maybe because of the heat on the cheato?

    My water temp is +- 27-28 deg. For now I'm not concerned about the heat in the water column (coming summer will be a problem...)
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    I think your temp is a tad high but not life threatening, although you answered it yourself when you said your nutrients are low and the trick behind chaeto is to harvest the alga removing the nutrients. If the chaeto has no more food it will start dying releasing the nutrients back into the system which defeats the object of having it. Iron will help but you have to be so careful as you don't want to start an algal bloom in your display

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