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8 May 2007
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The reef aquarium hobby is enjoying quite the renaissance of reef aquarium sumps, and Eshopps is going all in with their radically designed ADV sumps with ECD. If you haven’t seen one of Eshopps new channeled reef aquarium sump filters in person, then you might be curious to know how the water flows. The unique Eshopps Channel Design, or ECD as the patent pending method is called, creates channels of water flow between and under various chambers of the sump in order to creatively route water to multiple filtration methods at once.

Whereas nearly all sumps have a relatively linear approach to the flow of water in the aquarium, the new ADV sumps from Eshopps really go the extra mile to make their compartments discrete areas for protein skimming, for a refugium, and biological filtration. The design works to incredible effect in the Nano Cube sump, and it also results in incredibly quiet operation.

The deceptively simple appearance of the Eshopps ADV sumps hides a lot of fancy water channeling inside it

Other features of the ADV sumps featuring the Eshopps Channel Design also offer built-in probe holders & float valve. These two accessories are becoming increasingly important as reef aquarists use more and more controlling and monitoring devices.

But the main event of the Eshopps ADV sumps is the generous real estate afford for separate protein skimmer and refugium compartments. The channel design of the ADV sumps is really what makes the creative use of space inside the sumps possible, while also creating a new status quo for how quiet the draining of the water into the sump can be.

Even having seen the ADV sumps in person, it wasn’t entirely clear how the water moved through Eshopps’ ADV sumps but this newly released video helps to explain what’s really going on here. [Eshopps]

Eshopps 3rd Generation Advance Series Sump - YouTube
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