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    The Ovision underwater iPhone case is a complete underwater photography package for taking the seminal smartphone underwater. The Ovision approach to underwater photography is two pronged, with a solid hardware offering coupled by a custom photo application for iOS.

    Just launched on Kickstarter yesterday, the Ovision team is looking to raise about $11,000 to offer up a waterproof iPhone case so solid you could practically take it to war and back. For a pledge of $100 you’ll be able to get this super durable, machined aluminum case which is rated to withstand depths up to 100m (330ft), and which eventually retail for $139.

    You know how good the camera has gotten in our smartphones today, and how easy it is to take aquarium, reef and coral snapshots. The biggest impediment to the image quality of an iPhone picture is the glass, with watermarks on the outside, algae growing inside, and more importantly the distortion of light shooting through glass at an angle.

    With the Ovision iPhone case you can easily send your iPhone 4, 5, 5s or 5c for a swim with your corals and your fishes inside the aquarium, and circumvent the major source of optic distortion when taking aquarium pictures. Or, you know, you could also take the Ovision & iPhone combo diving in the ocean, as the creators most likely envisioned.

    If you’ve taken any amount of pictures with your iPhone, using the Ovision underwater case will be a real treat. The housing is kinda large and heavy, so it takes a small amount of wrangling to get the handle of holding it still, and pushing the buttons. But as you can see, with a small amount of practice it’s quite easy to take some really nice snapshots with an iPhone and the Ovision case.

    Taking videos is also really cool, and fun, with the Ovision case. There’s a new level of intoimacy that comes from taking and watching a video of a reef tank from inside the aquarium walls, not to mention the lack of distortion from removing the aquarium glass.

    Some feature of the Ovision camera/video app seems to be constantly refocusing when shooting a video, as evidenced in the clips below. We guess that’s a good thing since the iPhone and case are always adjusting the focus on the subjects in the field of view, and you can get pretty close to the corals and fish.

    AT first the idea of testing out an underwater iPhone inside an aquarium seemed like a chore. When we received our review sample of the Ovision underwater iPhone case, the level of craftsmanship really encouraged us to get our hands wet while keeping the phone dry. Now we’re hooked!*The ease of taking and sharing pictures of cool aquarium life with a submersible iPhone case is just so enticing, we are compelled to constantly pop the phone in and take it for a photo shoot underwater.

    We know a lot of you aquarium professionals have all kindsa ways to share pictures with your customers and associates; *if you take lots of coral pictures with your iPhone, you’ll definitely fall in love with having a tough and sturdy underwater iPhone case like the one that Ovision is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

    Ovision underwater iPhone case in a 30 gallon coral tank - YouTube
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