Chalice,Scroll ad Candy coral questions

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    I've been trying to look up growth rates for my corals. I can't really find any info lots of pictures of Corals in various stages of size.

    Do chalice corals grow slow? As long as the chalice keeps its bright orange color it's doing good? I'm just trying to figure out what to look for on this one. It's pretty but it just looks like a weird moon rock or something. At least with a frog spawn or nem you can tell if there doing good if there all out and fluffy. No out and fluffy with the chalice or the scroll coral they just look pretty. The scroll coral has what looks like small feeders that come out and night.

    Does a candy spread out over rock or if its on a frag plug will it only grow on that? My 7 headed Candy frag is on a round plug that's In a hole on a large rock.

    As long as I keep up on my water changes weekly then there is truly no reason to add any supplements? Even as my coral population gets bigger? I do understand about not dosing what you can't test for. I plan on getting calcium and alk test kits but have not yet. I was thinking about dosing Kent purple tech once a week just for the calcium,strontium, and elements.

    Any suggestions on a good all in one supplement? I do feed phyto feast a couple times a week. I'm not hell bent on adding supplements but even if I did it once a week or a few times a month wouldn't that be beneficial?

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    Depends on the coral. I had two, one grew really fast while the other barely grew while i had it. As long as the flesh is healthy and theres no tissue receading then it should be fine. Cant really go n colour as an indicator as they can change colour depending on light, nutrients, etc.

    No it doesnt. Will have more tree-like growth like branching frogspawn/torch/hammer.

    Depends how large your water changes are and how fast your corals consume calcium/magnesium/etc. Youll need to monitor parameters closely and if the waterchanges arent keeping the levels stable, then youll have to start dosing.

    I personally dont like all in one products, as the consumption of the various elements inst always the same and can also vary between slat brands/batches. Dosing individually gives you more control over parameters.

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