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    We all know that ‘rare fish’ come with a price tag. Especially if a fish both looks nice and is getting known as a ‘rare fish’ the price can go up to wallet-crouching levels. Interestingly, there are lots of fish which are even rarer in the trade than some of the more well known rare fish, but, as they didn’t reach a ‘rare fish star-status’ yet, pricing can be very friendly.

    Chaetodon leucopleura is such a fish. A quick search on google didn’t offer any aquarium experiences and only a handful of pictures of this fish. The fish lives on the eastern coast of Africa, more fishbase-facts can be found here.*To our surprise, we encountered this fish in the tanks of Aqua Compleet, Rotterdam and it can be yours for a decent price. Will this species become one of the new favorite rare fish?

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