RSS Chaetodon daedalma X C. guentheri is one of many hybrids from the waters of Ogasawara

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    NR0031065AF.jpg C. daedalma X C. guentheri photographed in Ogasawara. Picture by Y. morita

    Ogasawara in Japan is home to many rare species and hybrids such as the Genicanthus semifasciatus X G. takeuchii hybrid and the Wrought iron butterflyfish hybrid above. The hybrid love child isn’t nearly as impressive as one half of its lineage though, as it lacks much of the metallic sheen seen in C. daedalma. The traits of*C. guentheri is very obvious in this hybrid and although it dilutes out most of that sparkly quality, this fish is still a rare find and a gem of the Ogasawara reefs.*

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