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    The Cerebra Multi-Bar power center from Vertex is a clear sign that the company is inching ever closer to getting the Cerebra out into the world. It was two years ago at InterZoo 2010 that we got our first glimpse of the touchscreen Cerebra controller from Vertex. The Android-powered and app-capable aquarium controller has been in development and making steady progress towards reality since then, with the unveiling of the near production Cerebra motherboard itself last fall, and now with the Cerebra Multi-Bar power center.*

    Whereas the Vertex Cerebra controller is loaded with all the connections to the outside world like USB ports, wifi, ethernet, bluetooth and HDMI out, the Cerebra M-Bar power center is loaded with all the connections to the inside world. A single USB port connects the Multi-Bar to the Cerebra, six outlets power the aquarium devices, five BNC connectors receive a plethora of sensors and another three more inputs are ready to talk to a range of aquarium devices.

    The Cerebra Multi-Bar doesn’t have a fixed price since it will be part of the package for a Vertex Cerebra controller although some power users may request additional Multi-Bar power centers in the future for exceptionally sprawling aquarium setups. We are excited to see Vertex gaining some ground on their Cerebra aquarium controller project which we were told would finally see some beta testing this summer with a full release optimistically slated for August.

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