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    In case you were wondering why there are so many octopus stories popping up, it may have to do with Science Friday’s CephalopodWeek running from June 19-26.

    #CephalopodWeek is Science Friday’s celebration of “all things tentacled.” The second annual event will be a week focused on the coolest, smartest, most interesting and least-backboned sea creatures this side of the Marianas Trench.

    SciFri is teaming up with research institutions like Monterey Bay Aquarium , American Museum of Natural History and the E/V Nautilus to deliver stories that will help the public understand why this class of creatures is so much more than calamari.

    As they say, “Expect videos, articles, and pictures that are so cool you’ll ink yourself.”

    Make sure you follow the hashtag and expect some great stories starting this Friday.

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