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    Once we get a lock on a relatively poorly known reef fish or coral, our short term infatuation is not over until we’ve thoroughly documented the specimen with great write ups, great photographs, and especially a movie. Our subject today is the elusive Centropyge deborae which was represented by a great specimen we sighted at Florida’s Tanks A Lot.

    As we previously reported, the Fiji Blue Midnight Angelfish is a very dark looking fish that appears black under normal lighting, but whose deep navy blue color is sometimes sighted when the light hits it just right. Thankfully, we had an accessory video dive light which we were able to use to “flood” the entire fish’s body to show the true color from its head to its scales to its fins.

    Thankfully this large Centropyge deborae had been in captivity long enough to be somewhat accustomed to close up viewing and this “big” pygmy angelfish was a really good sport about literally being under a bright spotlight. The resulting video is literally the closest and clearest view of a Fiji Blue Midnight Angelfish and we hope this will help foster a little bit more appreciation for the newest species of Centropyge pygmy angelfish.

    Fiji Blue Midnight Pygmy Angelfish - YouTube
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