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    Well what did we tell you. Didn’t we mention it’s very likely that a super cool fish will swoop in at the last minute just before the year closes to shock everyone? In what seems like a yearly tradition, 2014 is not spared from this cunning antique and with minutes to spare before the new year begins, Centropyge debelius makes an appearance at De Jong Marinelife.

    [​IMG]The holy grail C. debelius. Photo by De Jong Marine.

    Well technically it’s 30 minutes past 2015 here in Singapore, but it’s still the day of yesteryear in the other side of the globe where you are reading this. It seems that every time this fish appears, we’re compelled to say things like “the almost heart wrenchingly rare C. debelius is extremely elusive and found only in…..etc etc.”. Well, no need for that. The scarcity of the species in the trade is known far and wide and needs no extra introduction.

    Having seen this species personally just a few months ago, I can tell you however that the inky blue body and freckled face is way more stunning in person. This large male specimen was collected at 200ft in Flic en Flac, West Mauritius, and is currently residing in De Jong Marine. It will only be available for sale in 2015, so this special beauty walks the transition zone for both years on new year’s day.

    This is also the first time in a long while that HD photos and a video is provided for your viewing pleasure. While the Mauritian angelfish may not appeal to everyone in terms of appearance, I personally find the nebulous nature of this fish extremely fascinating. Had it made its appearance just a week sooner, it would have definitely made the top 10 coolest fish of 2014. Anyway as always, happy drooling, happy ogling, and a happy new year to all our readers. We hope 2015 brings a bounty of happiness and surprises for everyone.

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