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    Ok it is with a very heavy heard that I need to post this.

    We moved recently and our little girl arrived last week so I need to find my celestials a new home.

    They will only go with some conditions though.

    1. Preferably to someone that has or had other birds before, might ask for proof.
    2. They either need to go to a home where they are allowed to play outside their cage or in an aviary.
    3. They want some fruit each day to chew on.
    4. They wont be eaten by other pets you have.
    5. They will get the attention they deserve.

    Little about htem.

    Female called Lilly is about 2 years old. One parent was a blue celestial and the other a pied blue. She kind of rules the cage and can sometimes pick on the male but nothing serious, a lovers spat :)

    Male, Timmy also about 2 years. One parent was a green pied and the other a blue parrotlet. Very protective of Lilly. Not a very good flyer as he stayed in a breeding cage for some time before I got him.

    They are not hand tame although Timmy will let you pick him up if lands on the floor. Lilly did eat out of my hand at some time but we never became biggest buds.

    They come with their cage and the stand it is on and all their toys and the TP they sleep in.

    Eats mainly canary seed mix and gets 3 or so sunflower seeds a day as a treat only.

    I would rather offer up more of my little time then let them go to a bad home so don't even try if you are not serious about keeping them happy and cared for.

    R900 pickup.

    I reserve the right to decide where they go no matter who is first etc



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    You get saltwater Piranhas? :devil:

    Sorry to hear you have to let them go - saying farewell to pets is always heart breaking.

    I'd take'em but I have four ca... err... saltwater piranhas.
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