4 May 2007
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If you ever had any doubt about how bad this weed is take a read here. There seems to be a move to getting rid of this weed from our systems, but please be careful how you dispose of it. The following link is very thought provoking, it is a weed that could wipe out a reef. Caulerpa has now been banned in California, So when getting rid of it please be cautious how you do this esp folk living at the coast.
Check this out.
Not really, it is very toxic and does release chemicals that effect your system a better bet is cheato.
no not at all sean its one of the most toxic organics in the sea ,it can wipe out an entire system over night
Not really, it is very toxic and does release chemicals that effect your system a better bet is cheato.

Thank you, but getting your hands on Chaeto is not as easy as it seems. Been looking for a bunch now for couple of months.

Alan, I read on Reef Central today that there is still a lot of people using Caulerpa in their sump.
I got cheato if you want, no probs. There are still alot of people with caulerpa, but since i changed there is a hugh difference in the water quality, grows much faster and i should imagine removes more nutrient and is non toxic.

not sure about the toxins of caulerpa, but i know u cant keep it with chaeto.

ive got some chaeto at home, got it from rory a long time ago (thanks again rory!).

if anyone wants some, 0832553941 (Parker)

first come first serve, i cant give away all!
Caulerpa has no place in my tanks, I attack it with a vengence. I have seen the mess it makes to an aquarium.
I have Chaeto for anyone interested.
The other point made by Allan is the possibilty of it becoming an enviromental disaster is very real. The Americans have a major problem with it. Is it not time we moved away from using it? Its 2007 after all. Chaeto is far better and safer.
I also can give some Jhb reefers some Chaeto. I harvest about every three weeks so it grows quite fast.
Hi all - I also got some chaeto from Rory in November last year - but I had two problems - one - the chaeto did not seem to grow so well since I still had some caulerpa in my sump as well (the caulerpa just seemed to "kill off" the chaeto). Secondly, just as I thought my chaeto was starting to grow, I had a major tank crash in January of this year. And this killed off ALL of the macro algae I had in my tank....

Also - just would like to know - without scrubbing every single piece of rock and coral one put in your tank, how else do you circumvent the caulerpa from entering one's tank? I know that the smallest piece of caulerpa (any type) on (or even in) some life-rock you put in your tank, could spread like wild-fire in your tank.
Caulerpa is my arch nemesis. I just hate that stuff. Back when I first started, like any silly newbie, I actually bought the evil weed. It is SO invasive and fast growing. It's just a nightmare to try and get rid of (even worse than aiptasia!).

And sorry for this off-topic bit but...

My personal favorite macro algae is something I can't even ID specifically. All I know is that it's called "purple ball algae." If anyone knows the actual name of this stuff, please do speak up. I think it's the perfect sump/refugium algae. It's quite beautiful (deep, unique purple color), non-invasive and very fast growing. It also makes a great habitat for amphipods and other critters. Here's a picture of it:
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Hi Sara - you think that your macro algae would survive a postal trip to South Africa?
Perhaps when you trim it next time, you could post some to one of us? Perhaps Alan, Clinton, or Anthony (DragonReef)....
They can try the stuff out and then distribute it here in SA....

If it works as good, or perhaps better than Chaetomorpha, then at least we could have a bit of a bigger choice of algae scrubbers here in SA ;-)

Thanks. BTW: I think that's how we got hold of the first bit of chaeto - someone sent some to Anthony (DragonReef), I think, or was it to Viper (aka Dean)?

I think it was Viper.

Sihaya have you tried Cheato? Most of us are using it and it is also brilliant for harbouring pods etc. It looks a lot like a rough pot scourer. Sorry I can't see the pics you posted at work. Will check out the differences when I get home, if I get home.
I'd be happy to try and send you guys some. I don't know if it would make it or not, but it's worth a try...

Yes, I have used Chaetomorpha. I agree it's great for nutrient export, housing pods, etc. But I personally just don't like the way it looks or grows. It seems to take up so much room and it's so stringy. But that's just me being weird. I think it's a great macro to put in a sump or stuff in one of those hang-on-tank refugiums. But like jacquesb says, it's good to have options.

So, anyone, someone PM me an address if they want it and promise to share :) My WWM pals tell me it's likely either Hypnea pannosa or an Ochtodes sp.-- and I believe these algaes are actually non-toxic to the point of being edible by humans. Mmmm... yum, macroalgae. lol
lol, at last, yummy macroalgae, always wanted to try some :p

Yip, it was me, I had some Chaetomorpha posted over to me from England, it was in a small plastic packet and took a total of 13 days for it to arrive. It survived 100%.

That purple macro algae looks really nice Sara.
I think I have some of it. It's purple normally but after a few weeks under 6,400K lighting it turns brown, but still grows well.

I mentioned it in this thread and even offered some but no one was interested:

EDIT: It's on page 5. And it was in another thread that I asked if anyone wants, but can't find that now. I haven't checked in a while, but I think the chaeto might have overshadowed it. If there are still some left and alive I will take better care of it and will gladly give some to anyone that wants, provided it has grown enough.
wow i didnt realise how bad calurpa(sic) is . fortunately i can get to the stuff in my tank. im gonna start murdering the stuff tonight. is grape calurpa(sic)also a no go?
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