Caulerpa taxifolia wanted

7 May 2007
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Just south of Durban
Hi guys, I am looking for some good old fashioned Caulerpa taxifolia. You get a thin/fine blade spices and a thick/broad spices. I am looking for the thick/broad one. I can trade for some Chaeto or am willing to just pay for it. Here’s a pic of the species I after. Thank you.

I think I know someone that has this, is it really quite thick miile, with blades about 15-20cm long and very thick and strong?
oh yes, there you go mille I think Alan has that as well.
Yes Dean that sounds like what I want. Can you get me some?
Alan has changed over to Cheato (rightly so) as it is a better macro algae to use for natural filtration.
I am wanting the Caulerpa to put some greenery in a client’s fish only tank.
I will contact him mille, haven't seen the bugger for over a month, overdue for a chat, will let you know.
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