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    30 Jan 2011
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    Hi guys.Just a question I want to ask.Can I use the normal green nets one can get from the LFS to go and catch marines in the sea :)
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    16 Nov 2011
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    I'm sure you can. I would advise you to reinforce the handle coz the fish is extremely fast and the handle will bend If you move It trough the water at high speeds. Also I would advise you to get a permit from the post office coz If the coast guard catches you without one, you'll be in big trouble. I think the permit is like R105. Make sure you have a mature tank when you add the fish and don't add a bunch of fish all at the same time coz It will cause your tank to crash (bioload overload).
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    Pinetown,South Africa(KZN)
    Please make sure that you know what Fish you are catching and that you have researched the Fish in general and therefore will know whether you'r Tank and Inmakes will be compatable before you bring it home...:blush:..sorry I don't mean to sound condescending or anything like's just sad when guys go catching Fish and then posting the next day under "ID Needed" and most of the times it's not compatable...either with Tank or the Tank Inmates...:(...sorry if you'r a Reefer for years and know your'r Profile doesn't give an indication either I'm clueless as to you'r knowledge to Marines...

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