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8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
howzit crew
ok i guess sunburst will be pleased to find out that its hooked up ;)

a little bit of advice needed
ph controller set : 6.60
bubble counter : 1 bubble every 2.5 seconds
outlet pipe : 2-3 drops per second

is the above set correct guys?
i have added 10% of zeo mag to the reactor
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Sounds good, watch the KH and CA readings to see results. With a PH controller you dont have to warry too much about the bubble rate.
You can run your ph in the reactor at about 6.8, the FCC dissolves fairly readily.
Just set the controller to PH 6.8 so will keep the reactor at thet level with about 0.5 swing.
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Jeez about time bro. You the only man i know that delays gratitude for an entire month. You should be a monk:001_huh:

Life suddenly has taken a huge turn for the good...stable kH, pH and calcium.

If you connected up before checking your kH and pH do so right now. If your kH is low you will drive your pH downwards:( ...especially at night.... Check your Ph tomorrow morning...But judging by your current settings you have been given good advice.

I have found that by setting pH slightly higher (pH7) in the beginning you do not get any co2 blockages.... that cause pump cavatation (sp).... media liquidising.... clumping and the whole mess rising up the reactor tube...creating a serious case of constipation.

I forget...a lot...what reactor you got... again
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