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    CaribSea’s Rubble Zone product may be little more than than small pieces of rock in a plastic jug but you can’t imagine how useful this product is to everyday reefers. We can’t even count the number of times a customer would come into the fish store looking specifically for some pieces of rubble for aquascaping, for mounting corals and other general purposes.

    The amount of work required to dig through the live rock vats, looking for that perfect piece of rubble is now a thing of the past for LFS that are stocking CaribSea’s rocks in a jug. With the dry, fist-sized rocks inside the Rubble Zone reef aquarists can get clean, pest free pieces of rock for all those applications where live rock is too big and coarse gravel is just too small.

    The idea of using this grading of dry rock to make a dedicated “rubble zone” is not exactly common knowledge but it’s a marketing angle that we fully support, especially in lieu of creating a full-on, questionably useful refugium. You can get a gallon of the CaribSea Rubble Zone for $16.99 from CaribSea dealers. [via aquanerd]

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