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    New Patented glass CARE MAGNET

    Another first from Tunze

    1) Patented principal using plastic blades with different length.
    2) Slim design, plants and corals not disturbed
    3) Plastic self sharpening blades also suitable for acrylic panes
    4) Care magnet is also suitable for rounded panes
    5) Will not scratch glass so it cleans near the sand without picking any grains of sand.
    6) Green algae is turned into rolls and thus becomes fish food no more clouds of green in the tank.
    7) Can also be used as a scraper for real stubborn stuff.
    8) Can be manipulated round corners without putting hands in the tank.

    Three types available:

    Care magnet Nano 220.010
    For glass 6mm -10mm includes one replacement blade.
    R 298.97 inclusive VAT

    Spare parts 220.156 2 pcs.
    R 104.11 inclusive VAT

    Care Magnet Long 220.015
    For glass 10mm -15mm
    Includes one stainless blade and 2 separate plastic blades.
    Length 140mm and width 86mm
    R 525.57 Inclusive VAT

    Spare Parts 220.153
    86mm Blades 2 pcs.
    R 144.61 inclusive VAT

    Care Magnet Strong
    For glass thickness 15mm -20mm
    Includes one stainless blade and 2 separate plastic blades.
    140mm long 86mm wide.
    R 976.68

    Spare Parts:220.154
    Blade set 86mm 3pcs.



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    Looks good, I will be saving for one

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