Carbon / phosphate remover

7 May 2007
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can the above be placed in bags in the sump or with it be more beneficial to be in a canister filter !!!

Pushing water through it is better. But that normally means you have to put it inside bags/in betwene sponges or something similar, which then implies more maintenance IMO as you have to clean it because detritus gets trapped in sponges/bags etc.

Mine are in bags/socks, and in a high flow area, but the water does not get pushed through it so no detritus gets trapped. But this would be less efficient.
I have mine in a small Eheim canister filter in the last compartment of my sump. By the time the water gets there all the crap has normally disappeared out the water.

It is a lot more efficient if water is forced through it.
Shiny trophy you got there sims.
if you have a canister use it.otherwise put the media in a stalking and place in your return chamber.i use to do this before i got my reactor,just turn the bags every second day
ok will use the the internal canister filter i have !!!
can soneone explain the trophy that sims has !! also the red/green block under itrader , what does this symbolise . sorry if i missed that thread
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