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    lipogramma-klayi.jpg Captive bred Lipogramma klayi may soon become a reality with recent success by Todd Gardner at the Long Island Aquarium

    Lipogramma klayi*is an amazing deepwater basslet whose deepwater price has kept it out of the mainstream, but Todd Gardner has just reported successful breeding this stunning species. Since Lipogramma klayi*has to be careful collected in very deep water in Curacao, the price of Lipogramma klayi has hovered between $1000 and $2000 for the last five years and only recently has the Curacao Aquarium Submarine been able to collect this species in numbers enough to get the price down to sub-thousand dollar level. This new breakthrough with captive bred Lipogramma klayi may*eventually get this*gorgeous*fairy basslet a little bit closer to the mainstream, for those who fancy it.*

    Todd Gardner announced his recent success with captive bred Lipogramma klayi on Friday and he teased a few juicy details about the “relative” ease with which he was able to raise this gorgeous fairy basslet. Unlike the related Liopropoma*which have also been captive bred, the captive bred Lipogramma klayi are the result of just a one month long larval period, just a tad longer than your easily bred clownfish. However, Todd’s first successful spawns of captive bred Lipogramma klayi seem to be from clutches of just one to five eggs at a time, which would pose a challenge to breeders wanting to produce captive bred Lipogramma klayi on a commercial scale.

    Todd is planning to reveal more information about his successfully captive bred Lipogramma klayi at the Marine Breeders Initiative later this summer.

    captive-bred-lipogramma-klayi.jpg One of the captive bred Lipogramma klayi

    captive-bred-lipogramma-klayi-2.jpg One of the captive bred Lipogramma klayi

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