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    Bali Aquarich has been a trailblazer of captive bred angelfish, first with the Annularis angels and now with captive bred Clarion angelfish. While small annularis angelfish are cheap enough that you may see them and their captive bred counterparts in the LFS, the upside down pricing structure of Clarion*angelfish*ensures that these captive bred Holacanthus clarionensis won’t be stumbled into on accident.

    clarion-anglefish-juvenile.jpg Juvenile clarion angelfish are some of the most striking reef fish available for aquariums

    Wen-Ping Su, owner of Bali Aquarich has been teasing the first post settlement photographs of*some kind of very tiny angelfish and was inviting friends to guess what angelfish it is. At first the tiny little Pomacanthid looked like a tiny little Singapore angelfish, with a light colored eye stripe but with updated pics over a couple weeks, the juvenile captive bred angelfish began showing its Clarion angel coloration.

    The captive bred clarion angelfish has been revealed only one specimen at a time, so there’s no way of knowing if it’s the only offspring that survived, or if a whole cohort of clarion angelfish has been raised and Bali Aquarich is being coy about supply. As they should be, because such a beautiful, exciting and valuable little fish will make a big splash once they are reared and released in greater numbers.

    captive-bred-clarion-angelfish.jpg A pair of clarion angelfish at Bali Aquarich which may be the spawners that produced the first captive bred Clarion Angelfish

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