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    Ecoxotic is continuing its agenda to ‘endanger metal halide’ lighting with a next generation of LED spotlights called the Cannon Pro LED. For several years now the Ecoxotic Cannon LED spotlight has been the most popular LED option for replacing metal halides in large aquarium setups for private aquarists and public aquariums due to its large concentration of light in a point source form factor.

    The Cannon Pro LED is a true next generation of the popular LED spotlights with LED multichips that are 20% brighter than previous, up to 130 watts and most notably, with several color channels of control. The new Cannon Pro LED pendant comes with a swivel bracket, three different lenses with beams from 60 to 120 degrees and fully dimmable multichannel driver built right in.

    [​IMG]the flat disc in the center of this immage is the Cannon Pro LED’s controllable driver with the IR sensor visible sticking out a little bit on the left side

    Ecoxotic will be offering the Cannon Pro LED pendant in a myriad of colors including white full spectrum to completely blue, with several models in between that feature RGBW color mixing as well as more reef-friendly blue, white and a strip or red diodes on the multichip. The new generation of Cannon Pro LED spotlight pendants even come with a remote control for the models that have color mixing and it’ll deliver all these features and increased performance for the very reasonable price of $699 per pendant.

    Keep in mind that Ecoxotic’s Cannon and Cannon Pro LED pendants are really aimed at the largest of reef tanks and especially for public aquariums and very high light or deep tank lighting applications. We’ve seen a number of beautiful reef displays over the last couple of years that were illuminated using the ‘basic’ one-color Cannon LED spots but with new colors and multichannel control we envision that even more beautiful reef displays will be created using the new generation of Cannon Pro LEDs. [Ecoxotic]

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