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8 May 2007
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The Cannon Pro 500 watt LED spotlight just announced and displayed by Ecoxotic is one the largest, most powerful and and most concentrated light we’ve ever seen from an LED. The new jumbo Cannon Pro LED stands in contrast to previous high powered LED spotlights we’ve seen this far.

Instead of using a powerful 100w or more multichip for its light source, the new 500w Cannon Pro uses fifty 10 watt LEDs that are packed together like pepperoni on a pizza. Each of these very bright, ten watt LEDs are paired up with a unique optical system that pairs a slightly removed secondary lens within a very deep individual reflector for each diode.

This system of LEDs and lenses means the new 500 watt Cannon Pro is not only very very bright, but it also focuses the light into a tight beam for deep penetration of the water column; if you haven’t figured out by now, this is not a hobbyist light source but really aimed at the commercial and professional aquarium market for folks with very deep tanks.

The Cannon Pro 500w uses two 250w Meanwell drivers to achieve a luminous efficiency between 90 and 100 lumens per watt. The heat from such a concentration of power is handled by a vapor heatsink which allows the entire unit to be passively cooled while still being fairly resistant up to IP67 standards.

The 500w Cannon Pro LED will be available in 6500 or 10,000 Kelvin or a mixture of both when it is released by Ecoxotic.


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