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8 May 2007
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The Tesla Valve is a unique device that was conjured in the 1920s by the master inventor, Nicola Tesla. The Tesla Valve is unique in that it is an ‘almost’ one-way valve that allows fluid to flow mostly in one direction, but not the other.

When a fluid passes through one side of the Tesla Valve, the air or liquid can pass through fairly unimpeded. But when a fluid is passed in the other direction, the valve creates a series or repeating channels and junctions of turbulence that essentially causes the fluid to jam itself.

We like to pride ourselves in DIYing our modern world of devices and products into doing our aquarium bidding. The aquarium hobby is filled with different takes on one-way valves which allow the flow of air or water in one direction, but completely stop it in the other. What makes the Tesla Valve unique is the manner in which it constricts fluid flow without any moving parts.

We’ve been pondering aquarium applications of the Tesla Valve for years now but have not come up with any ‘Eureka’ case uses. So in an effort to crowdsource the potential aquarium uses of the Tesla Valve, we’re turning to crowdsourcing your creativity. What do YOU think the Tesla Valve could be used for in an aquarium setting?
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