Can you over drip Kalk?

Discussion in 'Water Parameters and Additives' started by ziyaadb, 21 Sep 2011.

  1. ziyaadb


    18 Jul 2007
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    I need to get my PH really high in order to beat the Dinos that i am fighting so i started dripping kalk, I intending doing it every night and every morning. I am dripping 2L at a time. Would doing so elevate my CA and ALK to dangerous levels or would it be fine as i cust my lighting down to 4 hours as well and do not have any hard corals that utilize CA and Alk
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    7 Jun 2011
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    I guess you will only know if there was an over dose after some alk an ph tests ??
  4. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Only if you drip the saturated kalk. So basically the clear water part. Do not drip in the slurry. Or white soluble part.

    DallasG got a small kalk stirrer for sale. Rather get that, connect it to your RO ATU. Then you only need to worry 2 times a week about re-filling kalk.
  5. Alan

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    4 May 2007
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    The simple answer to this is yes you can over drip kalk, you will have to keep a careful eye on your ph. It wont make much difference to you alk and ca levels by using the clear liquid from the clear water from the mixture.
  6. AfricaOffroad


    12 Mar 2010
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    Ballito, KZN
    2L of saturated kalwasse is way to strong a mixure.
    I'd recommend no more than 1 teaspoon per night disolved in 2L of RO, dripped in over minimum 2 hours.

    Best to monitor your ph while doing this, best not to change more than 0.3 over the 2 hours
  7. jacoc


    28 Apr 2010
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    You can use kalk for top-up’s as Riaan mentioned only the clear part of the mixture will do just fine...if you lose 5l water at night you can top that off with 5l of the clear already mixed kalk water..just follow the instructions of the supplier it usually is 1-2 level t/spoons per 5l of water mixed and a hour later or until the water is clear again you could drain out the clear mixture not the crust that’s floating on top or the powdery dust on the bottom, in to a separate container and drip that over night or ad as u need to the filter aria lights out..I normally mix in a 20l drum water with 5-6 level t/spoons kalk at a time then remove the clear water from there in to a container as that is what I need for a week’s top-up’s and do my top-up’s from there...less work every day and only takes a few minutes of my time once a week for mixing...My ph never changes with more than 1 point day to night and never had ca problems its always higher than recommended levels..
    I don’t know what people perceive a too high or over dose ca reading is... but it seems most guys’ battle to keep their ca above 450 or even near that without sweating aboutit...
    I don’t believe a kalk stirrer or adding a spoon of kalk to the atu gives the same results as this.. as the stirrer keeps mixing the kalk powder that has already lost its value as the good needed minerals was already released to the system in the first day or two...when you test the ca levels as I mentioned above in a drum and you remove the clear ca water mix from the drum and you re-use the stuff lying at the bottom of the drum again adding new water to the drum and re mix and then measure/ test that water the readings is now where near that of the first mixture..there is no value as in ca goodness in it any more compared to the first mixture...and that is what a stirrer does, it keeps mixing used up powder that has no more value or has lost most of it...and it only works again when new powder is introduced...this is my theory why so many guy’s that uses ca stirrers, battle with keeping a good constant ca mixing a new batch weekly you insure and manage a constant high quality kalk drip to the tank keeping your ca levels up and at the same time keeping a balance in the ph; kh and mg...side of things...

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