can anyone tell me how an overflow box works

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by dylan woodhouse, 4 Nov 2012.

  1. dylan woodhouse

    dylan woodhouse

    30 Jul 2012
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    hi guys i was wondering if some one could help me to understand how an overflow box can stop when there is a power outage then start automatically again
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  3. Nemos Janitor

    Nemos Janitor

    7 Feb 2009
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    Joe's Mountain
    An overflow box works on a siphon system. But it also works on a equilibrium system. There are two areas (a) and (b), Area (a) controls the height of the water in the tank and is situated inside the tank. So when there is a power out the whole tank does not get drained. Only the water that is above the overflow level. There is a syphon pipe that go's over the tank panel into area (b) this transfers the water from area (a) to area (b) and keeps the two levels in equilibrium. Area (b) has a divider in it that is similar height to the overflow height that acts as a overflow to the water outlet. The water does not syphon back down to the sump it simply drains.

    When there is a power out the water in area (a) and (b) remains in equilibrium (same height) As soon as the power comes back on the level in area (a) rises, the water is siphoned to area (b) (equilibrium) and starts to overflow to the drain.

    Hope that explains for you.
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