Camallanus Nematode

Do you know how would be treated the Camallanus ?



There is a treatment called
Levimasole Treatment: available via - (basic killing dosage for Levamisole HCl is 13 PPM) per recommendations on this link) 407 Proxy Authentication Required

Sounds like one of the worst parasites you can get, good luck man
An Experiment

Yesterday after I saw the white thing on the anus of my lovely sail fin surgeon fish, I decided to treat the fish with levamisole. I have to mention that the fish was already in quarantine, cause of cryptocaryon. I had treated it with chloro quine. So I add levamisole to the quarantine. Today early morning I saw that the fish is much better. I give her some granule, but she didn't take them. Before this illness she was a VORACIOUS for eating granule. May be it was early morning. Anyhow at now I am at the work and raring to go home sawing how is my lovely fish.

OK, that was

see you on the web
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