RSS Calanus copepods to replace Cyclopeeze in PE Mysis twin packs

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8 May 2007
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For over a decade Cyclop-Eeze has been the staple food for feeding small reef fish and certain types of corals in this specific particle size range. However in recent years the harvest of Cyclop-Eeze from the Arctic lake in which they reside has been getting harder and harder to perform, and the availability of reefers’ favorite red copepod has been in danger of running out.

Thankfully, a new source of copepods has become available and Piscine Energetics is pleased to announce the release of their new Twin Pack featuring both Canadian mysis shrimp and the new copepod they are calling PE Calanus. The copepod in focus is Calanus finmarchicus from Norway which has roughly the same nutritional profile, loaded with carotenoids and astaxanthin even though they don’t have that cartoonishly red color of Cyclop-Eeze.

The new twin packs of PE Mysis and PE Calanus will be available in the U.S. starting next week in a convenient blister package and a standalone PE Calanus package will be made available later this year. We’ve been using Calanus as our new go-to coral food for a few weeks now and besides the red coloration, there is no perceivable difference from using Cyclop-Eeze in regards to feeding corals.

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