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8 May 2007
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Calan-Eeze is a new freeze dried food from two little fishies which promises to be your fishes’ new favorite food. The freeze dried arctic copepods inside Calan-Eeze are sized between two and three millimeters and is an ideal food for anything with a small enough mouth.

Small fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates corals and even anemones will love the bit sized morsels in Calan-Eeze as well as the excellent nutritional profile. Reefers used to love Cyclopeeze before it became mostly unavailable and this is where Calan-Eeze comes in.

The 55% protein, 20% fat and very high astaxanthin of Calan-Eeze makes it a nutritionally packed food. The very rich Calan-Eeze comes from at least three species of arctic copepods and is an ideal food for zooplanktivores like Anthias, great for coloring up clownfish and other red colored reef fish. The high fat content of Calan-Eeze is also suitable for conditioning fish for spawning and breeding.

We really used to love using Cyclop-Eeze to feed small mouthed animals in our reef tanks and even though Calan-Eeze is mostly larger, it shouldn’t be too hard to crush it down a little bit by hand to achieve a desired particle size. We look forward to trying out Two Little Fishies’ new Calan-Eeze as it should fill in a gap that was left when our old favorite copepod food went off the market.

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