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    Bodianus paraleucosticticus*is a gorgeous hogfish that is far too scarce in the trade. The five-striped hogfish is layered in alternating stripes of salmon pink and white, gradually fading to yellow as it reaches the base and tail region. All hogfishes are generally easy to feed and are bold, making them great aquarium additions. B. paraleucosticticus is unfortunately, rare and very seldom offered in the trade. While we’ve seen a handful here and there, this has to be by far one of the most gorgeous specimen yet.

    Cairns Marine*has had quite a number of exciting exports of this fish in the past, including this newest one which was sent to Iwarna Aquafarm of Singapore. Like the previous B. paraleucosticticus, this one is MAC certified as well, since Cairns Marine is Australia’s*only MAC accredited collection facility. Needless to say, this beautiful specimen had already been snapped up long before anyone could say “paraleucosticticus”. Want one for yourself? Then y’all better start pestering your local fish stores for some MAC certified Bodianus today.
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