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    CAD Lights is no stranger to All-In-One aquariums, and they continue roll out great looking tanks. The new Mini-II looks like a winner, as it expands the mini line of aquariums with a larger volume system and some enhancements as well. The system features a*30″ x 16″ x 16″ rimless aquarium consisting of*of Ultra clear Low-iron glass. It rests upon a 40″ tall stand that comes in*Matte Black Formica MDF, or you can upgrade to the Grey Laquer painted solid plywood cabinet. The whole system comes ready to roll with one their popular pipeless skimmers, bio-pellet reactor, and a LED *light capable of 575 PAR.

    For more details, here’s the official press release:

    Unmatched BeautyNew 34G Mini-II series is the perfect blend of Striking Beauty & Professional performance. Completely Rimless design allows you to see all the natural beauties of the finest materials crafted by skilled glaziers at work. Beautifully detailed with*mitered edges, perfectly lined up joints and seams, crystal clear glass etc. We have obsessed with every detail of the Mini-II’s. From the extensive use of Ultra clear Low-iron glass on*Every panel, to fitting all of our trademark professional equipment. Also*new this year is our full function furniture cabinets featuring*extra tall dimensions of 40″.*Guaranteed to be the center of attention with the jewels of the ocean housed in the finest built aquarium.​
    Powerhouse PerformanceNeatly tucked in the back of the gorgeous 34G Mini-II is the most powerful filtration system rarely fitted into a stocked*AIO aquarium. Using our 50G Patented PLS-50 Pipeless skimmer, NR-1 Biopellet reactor, multi-media chamber, 400GPH pump, we guarantee you the highest quality*water parameters. Features our newest 27W*high powered LED lighting system. With the high performance of 9 BridgeLux 3W LED bulbs*(27W) and 3 colors, the 34G Mini-II Generates*an impressive*575PAR for*full capacity of LPS and SPS corals to your desire.**Professional or Novice, our Mini-II aquariums will make keeping a fully Thriving Reef not just possible, but incredibly fun and simple*so you can “Think Less and Enjoy More”.
    Specifications:* 34G Mini-II aquarium 30″ x 16″ x 16″. With cabinet is 56″ of overall height.* Extra thick 8MM thick Low-iron Ultra-clear glass throughout (including bottom)* Crystal clear silicone seals* (Patented) PLS-50 Pipeless 50G protein skimmer* 50G NR-1 Nano bio-pellet reactor (150ML Bio-Pellets included)* Silent 400GPH Pump and all pre-cut and measured fittings* BridgeLux 3W x 9 bulbs 575PAR LED reef lighting system. Fully SPS and LPS capable.*Full glass coverCabinetry:Choose from 2 of fully functional modern*furniture cabinets. Our newest design features the Extra tall height of 40″:* Modern Matte Black Formica MDF cabinet. with functional 3 internal shelves* Artisan II Grey Laquer painted cabinet. These cabinets are made of solid plywood, lacquered based paint with a gently surface brushed texture.
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