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    CAD lights, the US based aquarium company has just released their new 100 watt Multi-Chip LED lighting system for reef aquariums. *The light is said to be similar to other canon lights, using a chip that has several LEDs “baked” onto once single board. This main “canon” uses a wide angle individual reflector that should deliver a spacious 30″ x 30″ light spread at a 30” height. *“Surrounded by individual LEDHO bulbs, lets you control the color that you like as well. 3 types of controls lets you easily make the settings of your preference. (1) Included into the unit is a built in digital timer, (2) built in dimmer control for the supplemental lights, (3) remote control for the supplemental lights. Super slim profile designed elegantly to be as inconspicuous as possible.” CAD lights Multi-Chip LED comes included with a ceiling cable hanging kit, and steel cable wires. These have started to ship now and our available with a base price of $574.99


    * Single 100W Multi-Chip LED center bulb with 12 pcs 1W LED HO supplemental lights surrounding.

    * Controllable with its built-in Digital timer, Manual dimmer controls and remote control. Multi-Chip center bulb is not dimmable.

    * Ultra slim and compact design with dimensions of 15.5″ x 7.5″ x 2″.

    * Steel cables, ceiling mounting brackets with height adjusting capability.

    Add-on accessories available:

    * Brushed Stainless steel lamptree pair, lets you adjust up and down 55″-80″, forwards and backwards as well 8″-12″. includes all mounting hardware and polished stainless steel hook.

    via [Aquanerd]
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