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    The CAD LED System is an affordable reef light which not only has a utilitarian design but it also has a remote control for independent adjustment of the two LED color channels. CAD Lights Aquariums is better known for building nice all-in-one reef aquarium setups, but these days the AIO segment is* using LED lights more and more with these plug-n-play tanks. Since CAD Lights recently put together a fancy AIO reef system called the Euro Pico series with an included LED light, it is only natural that CAD would also design an LED light to go along with some of their other fancy reef aquariums.

    The CAD Lights LED system comes in three sizes, 24, 36 and 48 inches, with an LED power level of 45, 75 and 90 watts and costing $349, $449 and $514 respectively. In addition to the included remote control, the CAD LED System appears to have onboard dimmer control of the cool white 10K LED light channel and the regular blue LED with an emission peak at 460nm. The CAD LED System comes with adjustable legs to sit on your tank, as well as mounts to suspend the light over your aquarium. We are a little bit suspicious about CAD describing this lighting unit as having both “individual reflector and lenses in each bulb” not just because LEDs are not a bulb, but because all high power LEDs have a primary lens making that statement redundant. In any case we’d love to see what this individual reflector looks like on the LEDs of the CAD system, but we’ll have to wait until February 15th when these LED fixtures start shipping.
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