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    CAD Lights made quite the impression with the release of the BR-1 conic bioreactor and they’re at it again with a jumbo biopellet mixer with the BR-2 reactor. Latching on to the cone skimmer trend and putting it literally on its head, the CAD Lights BR-2 is the largest conical biopellet reactor to date, with a capacity of more than 2 liters of media.

    The BR-1 conic bioreactor was a huge hit when it launched, and then was improved with the three-way valve, and the BR-2 follows on that early success and offers up something for the big dawg reef tanks. At almost two feet tall with a 7 inch square footprint, the CAD Lights BR-2 capitalizes on*the “top heavy” phenomena which forces the upper heavier portion of media*to push down into the lighter weight bottom, therefore virtually*eliminating*its chances of clumping.

    cadlights-br2-conic-biopellet-reactor-1.jpg The BR-2 biopellet reactor on the left is almost twice the height of its predecessor the BR-1 pictured at right.

    The bottom diffuser plate of the CAD Lights BR-2 conic bioreactor is a complete diffuser plate which is uniquely perforated to produce what CAD Lights describes as a “soft curtain” of water stream churning up the interior of the mass of biopellets while the beads at the top and sides fall gently downwards and inwards.

    cadlights-br2-conic-biopellet-reactor-3.jpg The BR-2 Conic Bioreactor is almost the same size as some of CAD Lights’ larger cone protein skimmers.

    The BR-2 conical biopellet reactor uses a 41watt water pump to deliver up to 625 gallons per hour, and it is expected to meet the solid carbon demands of marine aquarium systems up to 1500 gallons! There is a ‘GFO Kit’ available which we presumes either tumbles the GFO gently or not at all, and perhaps not the best use of the conic design which seems to really mix up biopellets. CAD Lights has the BR-2 conic bioreactor in stock now for $349 and also available through local CAD Lights dealers.*[CAD Lights]

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