cabbage coral not opening

4 Dec 2007
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Hi guys,
For some reason my cabbage coral is not opening for the last week or so.
I had to move it as my nemmie was growing a bit too close to it...I think it was irritated like mad...(the cabbage coral that is)

So reasons on what could have caused the sad cabbage:
1. It's still a bit irritated - as I can see a bit of "slime" on it.
2. He does not like the new spot - But that's going to be a problem if this is the case - i don't have space to put him somewhere else....

What is the best conditions for the cabbage coral in terms of flow, light et cetera.

I have moderate flow on it, it is also high in my tank, but it's only under 54 w and 80 w T5's...

I'm not sure about my water parameters.. But all my other corals and fish are VERY happy...
I must get new test kits again...later...not now....

I've tried to blow some of the slime of, but damn - that stuff just don't want to come of that easily...