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8 May 2007
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Reef Finder is a new underwater identification tool that can help you identify everything that isn’t a coral. The Coral Finder is one of the best and most comprehensive guides to learning all the different corals, and now BYO Guides has a new version called Reef Finder which will help with everything else on the reef.

While we like to be very proficient in common and exotic species of fish and corals, besides giant clams the exact identification of the invertebrate tree of life mostly escapes us. Sure we can name a few species of anemones and snails, but beyond that we need something like the Reef Finder tool to get much closer to a proper and precise identification.

Like the Coral Finder, the Reef Finder is a polypropylene, spiral bound book that is completely waterproof, and designed to be used underwater, so it’s completely waterproof. The cover of Reef Finder may be a bit cartoonish but no piece of this guide is superfluous as the front page is meant to steer users directly to the part of the guide which will help to identify your critter. Pricing and details of the availability of the Reef Finder are not yet available, but it seems like it could be ready to order very soon.

About the Reef Finder - YouTube
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