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    This new video uploaded by Simon Garratt is an interesting demonstration of what kind of fish really respond to H2Ocean’s Reef Paste. If you’ll recall, Reef Paste is a paste of food for reef fish and corals which is applied to the reef structure to elicit natural feeding responses from grazing reef fish like tangs, angelfish and butterflyfish.

    The video shows a variety of hardy buterflyfish immediately respond to the addition of Reef Paste to their holding tank and we wonder if this is the first time they’ve been exposed to the Reef Paste product, or if they’ve already been conditioned to this innovative method of feeding your reef. Granted the Kleins, Auriga, Semeion and Collare butterflyfish in the video are already hardy fish in aquaria but with some effort perhaps trickier species of Chaetodon butterflyfish could also be trained to eat a diet like Reef Paste.
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